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Locally produced tea!

Black tea, green tea, white tea… No matter what’s your favourite,
almost all teas are made of the leaves of the tea plant: Camellia Sinesis.

It were the Chinese who started thousands of years ago with growing and drinking tea.
But what they do, you can do now too!

With the Tea by Me© Camellia Sinensis tea plant you can grow and produce tea in
every place, in every city with our basics & knowledge on tea making.

Just like your local brewery, you can make your own craft tea. Imagine what you
can do with more than 500 flavours that you can get from these beautiful tea leaves!

Too much trouble too make your own tea? We also produce our own Dutch Tea in Zundert, The Netherlands!
A nice selection of quality tea from Dutch soil!

Produce your own tea!
Get started and get your own Tea by Me©
Camellia Sinensis tea plant!

Contact us at info@teabyme.eu and get
your own Tea by Me tea plant!

Too much trouble to pick your own leaves?
You can also order fresh shoots for making
your own tea instantly.
Contact us at info@teabyme.eu

Discover all our infusions & selections.