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Fun, tasty and super healthy!

Black tea, green tea, white tea… Whatever your favourite is, almost all kinds of tea are made with leaves from this tea plant, the Camellia Sinensis. It were the Chinese who started thousands of years ago with growing and drinking tea. But what they can, you can do now too! With the tea plant of Tea by Me and with some love & attention you can grow and make your own tea.


Grown your own tea!

Never before was a nursery in Europe succesfull to make a tea plant grow in the European climate. Special Plant Zunder is succesfull after years of development. Now you can own this tea plant growing at home and enjoy home-made tea!

In the above excerpt from the tv program Booming Brabant you will get more information about the exclusive Tea by Me tea plant of Special Plant Zundert.

Healthy antioxidants

In both green and black tea are many antioxidanten. These antioxidants provide among others reduced risk of heart-and vascular diseases. The antioxidant catechin kills bacteria that cause throat infections and holes in your teeth.

No calories

Everybody wants to drink and eat as varied as possible. With Tea by Me you have the possibility of infinite types of tea. These teas are extremely tasty and contain no calories. But then you should not add any suger yourself!


In tea is caffeine aswell, this is often called theine. What reason do you now have to make a cup of coffee instead of a delicious home-brewed tea! A black tea contains 30 mg caffeine. Whereas a coffee contains 60 mg. Do not want any caffeine? Theine comes free only in the first 30 minutes.


Do you drink coffee all day through a busy job? Then go oer drinking green tea. This tea contains an amino acid called theanine, this helps you!

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