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We stand for the better cup of tea.

Locally grown, directly produced: clean, sustainable, fresh and fair.

Black tea, green tea, white tea … Whatever your favorite taste is, they are all made from the leaves of one tea plant: Camellia sinesis.

As the first in Europe, the tea plant grower Johan has succeeded in growing the Camelia sinensis hardy locally. With these tea leaves from the Netherlands, tea maker Anne makes delicious, fresh quality tea. Green tea, full of positive properties that promotes overall health. Back to basic with the power of mother nature.

Our tea leaves are fresher than fresh, so it retains all its good qualities. Locally grown and produced – from plant to tea glass: transparent for everyone.

Let’s make tea local!

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First flush. The very first harvest of the season: Two bright green and tender leaves
and a bud, fresh and handpicked. White, Green, Oolong and black tea, extra fine quality.
Exclusively available. Limited stock.

White Tea

Full leaves and soft silver buds. Carefully dried, slightly oxidized. Fragrant. Peach, sweet vanilla.

Green Tea

Steamed green tea.
Aroma of fresh hay and green stalks, taste of mild umami, Mediterranean. Bit of walnut.

Oolong Tea

Amber oolong. Medium strong.
Honey, toffee, hazelnut.

Black Tea

Auburn black tea. Strong.
Hint of cacao and cherries.

Tasty, healthy, warming infusions. Green tea based melanges with floral, herbal
and spicy ingredients. All natural, no artificial flavoring.

Tea ‘d Alain

Inspired by the creations of chef Alain Caron during the TV recordings about special Dutch products.
Panned green tea, white tea, a fragrance of fleur ‘d oranger and roses, sweet almond crunch and warm cinnamon.
Takes you to the heart of France.


In need of a party? Blooming tea! Makes a party in your glass or teapot whenever you need one!

Wake up Call Tea

In need of energy, some theine? Steamed green tea, energizing yerba maté and tasty liquorice. Instant energy! One serving is equal to one cup of coffee.

Coffee Tea

For those who need the strong bitterness of coffee. Panned green tea, energizing maté, refreshing hibiscus and fragrant orange blossom. To battle your coffee addiction with a boost of theine, which is as strong as caffeine!

Founders Tea

Johan’s favourite. Panned green tea, fragrant jasmine, warming ginger and reinforcing juniper. The basics of nature, just what Johan likes as the founder of Dutch Camellia Sinensis.

Zundert Tea

Strawberries and dahlias are Zundert’s specialty, sweet temptation you can`t resist.
Steamed green tea, sweet strawberry and sacred tulsi.

WeightLoss Tea

Taking care of your body makes you lose weight naturally.
Panned green tea, cleansing nettle, calming lemon balm, digestive peppermint and recovering rosehip.

Anne’s Tea

All Anne (tea maker Tea by Me) needs is a bunch of wild flowers to make her happy. Steamed green tea and soothing flowers.
Fragrant, reinforcing, brings an instant smile on your face.

Health Tea

Panned green tea regulating your blood sugar level, energetic seaweed full of minerals, recovering sea buckthorn filled with vitamins, sweet apple. Strengthening, boost your body with nature`s basics.


Cold brew or iceTea. Steamed green tea, refreshing lemon grass, tingling citrus. Keeps you fresh and hydrated.

6 Tea 9

Hot chili, warming fenugreek, tempting bright red colour of strengthening beets, gun-powder to give you night long power and velvet rose petals to cool you down. Seducing like a red rose.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Tea

Zundert origin tea, birthplace of Vincent van Gogh. Smooth steamed green tea, soothing bright yellow marigold petals, aromatic lavender and sparkling cornflowers.
Enchanting, like a starry night.

Pure plant based infusions. No other ingredients added. Powerful.

Yerba Mate

Argentinian bush infusion. As strong as coffee because of the caffeine content. Strong & energizing.

Honey Bush

South African plant infusion. Sweet smell of honey. Roasty taste.
Strong & sweet.
No caffeine.


South African plant infusion. Neutral smell. Slightly nutty taste. Refreshing & mild.
No caffeine.

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